Danny Gittings

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Danny Gittings is an Associate Professor and Senior Programme Director at the College of Humanities and Law in the University of Hong Kong’s School of Professional and Continuing Education and author of Introduction to the Hong Kong Basic Law a popular textbook and general-interest book now in its second edition. He is also a PhD Candidate researching Separation of Powers at the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Law under the supervision of Professors Simon Young and Richard Cullen.

As an Associate Professor at HKU SPACE, he teaches most of the courses in Hong Kong Constitutional Law, including setting and examining research papers for postgraduate students. He is the only person to have received all three of the following awards: Distinguished Alumni Fellowship (2009), Outstanding Teacher Award (2006) and Outstanding Lifelong Learner Award (2001).

Before joining the academic world, Mr Gittings worked in senior editorial positions at the South China Morning Post and The Wall Street Journal Asia for 15 years, where he won several journalistic awards and reported on Hong Kong’s political and constitutional development. He is a regular host of RTHK's popular Backchat radio talk-show programme, and is one of very few people to have interviewed every Hong Kong leader from Lord Wilson (who was Governor from 1987-1992) through to CY Leung (who became Chief Executive in 2012).

Mr Gittings has lived in Hong Kong for more than 25 years and is married with two young children, who are being educated through the local school system.

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